Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Voter Turnout in Wisconsin.

I'd just like to continue with one of my most dominant domestic political narratives of the past 4 years:  The apolitical majority:  The turnout in the Wisconsin recall, after all the hype about "massive" turnout, was around 57%.  Lower than the Obama race, which was nationally 62% of the eligible electorate. 

And once again, if you don't give people a serious popular option that will have an immediate benefit to their lives--you cannot and should not expect for them to vote.  If you work in the vast majority of the economy--which is to say, you work in the service sector, then you cannot reasonably expect to gain more money (read political power delivered to you for your participation), then you are wise to stay home.  It is completely rational from the vantage point of a 10-15 dollar an hour employee at Target to stay home for an election. 

I on the other hand, could easily mobilize 80% of an electorate at a state or national level for a party or campaign.  By running on a guaranteed income of 1k per month, paid for with higher marginal tax rates on our national wealth and technology.  There are plenty of stories to tell in there, but I'll save it.  But the bottom line is everybody understands 1k per month.  The numbers add up without problem (nationally that is).  All that's required is some group to come along and press it across time and mediaspace. 

But to continue to participate or support our losing sham elections efforts is to completely misjudge the wisdom of the non voter--who understand the difference between a "not scott walker" and a party or candidate or campaign to deliver them $1,000 per month as part of a crucial and patriotic campaign to re-stabilize power by removing so much of it from so few hands.  And remember, people with concentrated amounts of power are like crack heads.  They are like addicts who need our sympathy and our help.  It won't help much to simply scold them.  When we take away their addiction--it will seem like it hurts them in the short run--but once we help them get over their withdrawal symptoms, they will all be much better off clean.  And that for once would be a real WIN-WIN!


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